Never lose anything again!®

Find those lost or misplaced items with the EZ-Find! system.

EZ-Find! Starter Kit

EZ-Find! Starter Kit with NEW slim tags

The EZ-Find! system is simple to use, personal, and affordable. The interactive system features a hand-held transmitter that allows you to locate items tagged with small, EZ-Find! tags that beep.  Each tag can be assigned a number or programmed with a description such as “John’s keys.” 

And now the EZ-Find! system comes with ALL NEW slim tags. Slim tags are only 1.9″ long x 1.19″ wide and only .19″ thick. Each slim tag, including the battery, weighs only .2 ounces.  If you are looking for the ideal solution for keeping track of commonly misplaced items, then the EZ-Find! system is for you! 

 Why the EZ-Find! system is superior:

    1. Allows you to track up to 25 items with personalized descriptions for each item
    2. Lets you combine EZ-Find! tags – regular, mini, and pet – for a variety of applications
    3. Provides the best all-around value

EZ-Find! System Features

  1. Sleek, patented design
  2. Tracks up to 25 personalized items
  3. 12-character EZ read LCD display
  4. Indoor/outdoor range 60/100 feet
  5. Loud 92 decibel alarm
    1. Small EZ-Find! slim tags
    2. Long-life battery included in tags
    3. 4 EZ-Find! tags (2 slim, 2 mini) in each starter kit
    4. Additional 2-tag packs sold separately
    5. EZ-Find! Pet tags sold separately

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