EZ-Find! for Pets

Let EZ-Find! for Pets help you find your lost or hidden pet


pet packageCan’t find your pet?

Does your pet like to hide?

Did your cat or dog sneak out the door when you weren’t looking?

Now you can find your lost (or hiding) pet quickly with the EZ-FIND! tracking device. Attach an EZ-Find! pet tag to your pet and relax knowing that your pet can’t hide from you anymore.


Find Lost or Hiding Pets




Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs – any pet that you can get a collar on – can be tracked using the EZ-FIND! system.  Just add the pet tag to the collection of EZ-FIND! tags you use to track everyday household items.

A combination of up to 25 EZ-FIND! pet tags or EZ-FIND! regular or mini tags can be tracked with one EZ-FIND! transmitter.  Personalized descriptions such as your pet’s name can be programmed into the EZ-Find! transmitter and synchronized with the tag attached to your pet’s collar.  Then, to find your pet, simply scroll to your pet’s name on the transmitter and press FIND. It’s that EZ! The EZ-FIND! pet tag will beep once your pet is in range (60 feet inside, 100 feet outside).

Pet tags are lightweight, small, waterproof and constructed of hard durable plastic that easily attaches to your pet’s collar. The loud beep will help you track your pet through walls, cushions, mattresses, furniture or any of your pet’s favorite hiding spots.

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EZ-Find! for Pets
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