EZ-Find! General FAQs

What is the EZ-Find! system?

The EZ-Find! system is an award-winning patented system that consists of a hand-held transmitter with a microchip and an LCD screen. This "finder" unit can keep track of up to 25 easily misplaced items within a 60 to 100 foot range using programmable EZ-Find! tags.

How does the EZ-Find! system work?

The EZ-Find!® system utilizes RF (Radio Frequency) technology. It consists of two interactive products. The first is a hand-held locator and the second is a series of tags called EZ-Find!® tags. The EZ-Find! locator stores tag identification codes in its memory once a specific tag is programmed.  A programmed tag responds to the EZ-Find! locator by transmitting an RF signal. If the transmitted and stored tag identification codes match, then the EZ-Find!® tag, if is in range, will emit a loud audio beep allowing the user to find the lost item.

How many items can I keep track of with my EZ-Find! system?

Up to 25 items can be tracked with the EZ-Find! system.

How much does the EZ-Find! transmitter weigh?

The EZ-Find! transmitter weighs 3.7 ounces, including the batteries.

What is the size of the EZ-Find! Transmitter?

The EZ-Find! transmitter is 4.9" high x 2.8" wide x 1" deep.

How loud is the beeping sound?

The sound emitted by each tag is 92db @ 1 inch.

What’s included in the EZ-Find! starter package?

The EZ-Find! starter package includes 1 EZ-Find! transmitter, 2 EZ-Find! tags, 2 EZ-Find! mini tags, 4 key ring loops, 4 adhesive strips, a pin, tag number labels and User Guide.

How can I purchase the EZ-Find! system?

The EZ-Find! system is available at www.ez-find.com/shop.

What is the range of the EZ-Find! system?

The range of the EZ-Find! system outside can be up to 75 feet. The range inside is 50-60 feet but may be reduced around corners and physical obstacles such as cushions.

EZ-Find! Battery FAQs

How can I save battery usage?

The EZ-Find! transmitter is set to turn itself off after 2 minutes of non use. When the batteries in the EZ-Find! transmitter are low the display will begin to fade. The battery in each tag will only be consumed if the tag switch is turned on. If the tag is not being used, keep the tag switch in the OFF position to extend battery life. The tag battery has a low battery warning feature whereby the tag will beep every 5 minutes when the battery is losing power.

How long will the batteries last?

Battery life will depend on use. The battery in the handheld over normal use should last over one year. Battery life in the tag is based on usage and should last 6 - 12 months.

What type of batteries are used?

The EZ-Find! transmitter uses 2 AAA batteries (not included). Each EZ-Find! tag uses one CR 2032 battery (included).

EZ-Find! Programming FAQs

Can I change the description of the text entry after it has been programmed?

Yes. After the EZ-Find! transmitter is turned on, Press the "E" Entry button. Scroll to the menu item you want to change. At the flashing "?" delete the original text using the E button and replace text with the new entry. Follow the remaining instructions identified in the User Guide.

What if I change my mind and don’t want to personalize the tag?

Just press the "E" button and it will take you out of program mode back to the menu item on the EZ-Find! transmitter.

How long can a text entry be?

For menu items 1 thru 9, you can enter 11 alpha numeric characters for a total of 12. For menu items 10 thru 25 you can enter 10 alpha numeric characters for a total of 12.

Can I just use tags with the numbers in the menu rather than personalize it?

Yes. The EZ-Find! set up includes a quick programming method outlined in the instructions. Its EZ. Just go to the menu item you want to program. 1.. 2.. up to number 25. Then take one of the tags, turn on the tag switch and the tag will beep once. Press the find button and your done.

I lost the instruction manual. How do I get a new one?

You can download it here.  Or, you may fill out the contact form and we will be happy to send you a new instruction manual.

EZ-Find! Tags FAQs

How much does the new EZ-Find! slim tag weigh?

The new EZ-Find! slim tags are very light.  Each EZ-Find! slim tag weighs only .2 ounces and easily attach to all types of commonly misplaced items.

What is the size of the new EZ-Find! Slim tag?

Each EZ-Find! slim tag is 1.9" long x 1.18" wide x .19" thick.

How many tags can be tracked with each EZ-Find! transmitter?

25 individual tags can be tracked with each EZ-Find! transmitter.

How do I personalize a tag?

The EZ-Find! system set up includes instructions for text entry. This can be done after the tag has already been programmed to a number on the menu or it can be done when the tag is first programmed into the EZ-Find! transmitter. The difference is that after you turn the EZ-Find! transmitter on, you press the E (Entry button) and then go to the menu item you want to personalize. After you follow the instructions to add the text,  take one of the tags and turn on the tag switch and the tag will beep once. You press the FIND button again and "PROGRAM?" will be displayed. Follow the rest of the instructions outlined in the Users Guide.

How do I attach the tags to the items I wish to track?

The tags can be attached to keys using the key ring loop included in the package or your own key ring loop. The tags can be attached to other items using a strong adhesive also included in the package.

What is the weight of the EZ-Find! mini tag?

Each mini tag, including the battery, weighs .2 oz.

What is the size of the EZ-Find! mini tag?

Each mini tag is 1.2" in diameter and .37" deep.

EZ-Find! Pet Tags FAQs

What is the size and weight of the pet tag?

The Ez-Find! pet tag weighs 3 ounces. Each pet tag is 1.5” wide and 1.75” long not including the eyelets. Including the eyelets, the length of the pet tags is 2.75” long.

Can the tag get wet?

The pet tags are sealed by a rubber gasket to prevent water from entering tag.

What type of collar works well with the pet tag?

Each tag has 2 eyelets for the tag to slip over the pet’s collar.  The dimensions for each eyelet are .586 inches.  Most buckle collars will slip into these eyelets, however, some snap clips collars are too large for the eyelets. Some customers who do not want to change their snap clips collars to accommodate the tags will choose to sew the tags eyelets on to their pets collar.

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