EZ-Find! System

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10 minutes of lost time per day means 60 hours of lost time per year!

Save money and valuable time with the EZ-Find! system, the most effective, economical and user-friendly locator system available.

Anyone who has wasted valuable time searching for lost items will appreciate the beauty of the EZ-Find! system that lets you track up to 25 different items. The EZ-Find! patented  system features a hand-held device that utilizes RF (radio frequency) technology to locate lost items tagged with small, EZ-Find! tags that beep. The EZ-Find! transmitter display and scroll features allow you to synchronize the tags with either personalized descriptions such as “remote” or with tag numbers.  Simply scroll to the description or item number on the transmitter’s display screen to find the item that’s lost and press FIND. It’s that EZ!

Find Commonly Misplaced Items with the EZ-Find! System

EZ-Find! slim tags help keep track of keys




EZ-Find! slim tag helps keep track of wallets


EZ-Find! for Pets



Attach EZ-Find! tags to keys, remotes, toys, phones, cameras, iPads®,  medications, Nintendo DS®, wallets, pet collars, Wiimotes…the list is endless.

The EZ-Find! starter system includes:

      1. 1 EZ-Find! transmitterEZ-Find! Starter Kit
      2. 2 EZ-Find! slim tags
      3. 2 EZ-Find! mini tags
      4. Key rings and adhesive
      5. Tag number labels
      6. User guide


  1. Additional 2-tag packs can be purchased separately
  2. EZ-Find! Pet tags can be purchased separately


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EZ-Find! Starter Pack
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